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Cut costs for mobile communication an connect your team with long rane cordless phones (July 22nd, 2013)

4 Line Long Range Cordless PBX System - EnGenius Senao SP 922 Long Range

Senao EnGenius SP 922 PRO  telephone system is designed to connect  your team and cut your mobile costs. It supports 4 telephone lines and multiple handsets, with intercom connection between handsets and line forwarding. Long Range. Senao SN 922 will give you range up to 1km, to cower business buildings and with additional external antenna range increases up to 5 km. Make a maximum of functionality with minimal costs by utilizing your business landlines.

it is next level of Business and Industrial wireless communication systems that
Provides 4 lines, up to up to 90 wireless handset extensions and full duplex intercom between them.Handsets can communicate independently of the base coverage.

There is Multi base option (up to 8 base units) to provide better coverage and access up to 32 phone lines  

In addition to all of that, it system allows to users use any line to make or receive calls.

 4 Line Long Range Cordless PBX System -  EnGenius Senao SP

Alexander Jovanovic