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Women aged 30 and over are the most frequent users of online dating (April 18th, 2012)

According to a research carried out for a free dating site, 30 year old females are the most frequent users of online dating

Woman with secondary or intermediate education, aged between 30 and 40, looking for a stable relationship is the most common profile of registered female users in dating sites. According to this recent research, American women are the most common users of this kind of service, with a total number of 7,331 registered users, which is on the rise with an average of 4.17 new users per day. Data from this same research shows that when it comes to looking for a relationship in dating sites, 62% of American women look for a partner, whereas in countries such as India, 46% of registered women would rather look for friendship, and Italian women are no doubt the most daring, since 23% of them are looking for an intimate encounter. 46,966 women from 173 different countries registered on Datanta Even though American women represent 16% of the registered users, the remaining percentage is composed by women from other 173 countries, namely India, with 8% of the total number of users, Italy with 4% and the UK, with 3%. Although English-speaking countries have the highest percentage of registered users, the site is not limited to them: France, Italy, Portugal and Brazil, among others, also have users registered on dating website. A simple way to find what you are looking for Datanta has a registration form which allows users to define their features and qualities, so that they can be contacted by people as compatible with them as possible. These features include physical appearance (height, built, eye colour, weight), personality traits (sociability, romanticism, a personal description), work and studies (job, study level, income, languages), as well as tastes and hobbies (sports, cinema, food, music). There are also details such as nationality, civil status, and even if the user smokes or not. Apart from this data, visible for the rest of the Internet users who access Datanta, it is also possible to upload a photo and state what the user wants to achieve (“I am looking for a man for a long-term relationship”). Next to it, one can find a rating by other users: 0 to 10, 0 being “Dislike” and 10 being “Like”. Thanks to these details, the search engine can filter the results by gender, age, country and region as default details, but there is also the option to add our own personal criteria via a second search engine, located just above the former, on the top of the Datanta site. With all these options, it will be hard not to find a future friend or partner in this network, which also is completely free. Countries you can find the websites:Italy, India,France, Portugal, Brazil, Spain