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XXSIM: Say bye bye to roaming charges (February 14th, 2014)


MOUTIER, SWITZERLAND, January 20, 2014 -- THE SWISS COMPANY SHASTON AG HAS LAUNCHED A CONTEST ALLOWING YOU TO WIN A 30-DAY TRIP AROUND THE WORLD FOR 2 PEOPLE IN ORDER TO PROMOTE THEIR INTERNATIONAL PREPAID SIM CARD, XXSIM, AND TO DEMONSTRATE THAT IT IS THE MOST EFFICIENT AND CHEAPEST WAY TO COMMUNICATE FROM ABROAD. Two Swiss students, Mike and Sarem, took off on their fun and challenge-packed trip around the world on September 23, after having won the “Hello the World” contest on XXSIM’s social networks in August. XXSIM made it possible to follow their experiences throughout the day on Facebook. This great expedition took our travellers through London, Dubai, Bangkok, Sydney, Los Angeles, Cancun and New York. On each of their stops, the globe-trotters had to accomplish tons of challenges required for them by their followers, and they had to constantly post pictures and videos of their adventures on social networks while indicating their exact roaming and communication fees. The goal was to daily prove that the XXSIM card is very user-friendly, and to demonstrate the savings you can make while using your mobile phone abroad. Not only was this trip a completely digital, innovative, attractive and demonstrative campaign, it was also an extraordinary way that XXSIM thought of to increase their brand’s identity. You can discover or enjoy their world trip again on: NUMBERS THAT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES After visiting 7 cities on 4 continents and more than 43’000 kilometres travelled within 32 days, Mike and Sarem have saved more than 90% on their entire communication fees during their trip. Numbers don’t lie. Due to XXSIM, pictures and videos posted online were 10 times less expensive! As to the total amount of outgoing calls, it was 7 times less expensive than any other regular SIM card; incoming calls were even free! Due to an original and fascinating campaign, XXSIM has proved that its card is the best alternative to communicate abroad freely, everywhere in the world and without any restraints. Mission accomplished. XXSIM: A POLYVALENT MOBILE SOLUTION Presented Shaston AG, a company based in Moutier, Switzerland, XXSIM is an international prepaid SIM card sold online only and that can be used by companies, associations, public offices, and organizations as well as individuals going often or occasionally abroad. It offers roaming coverage in more than 190 countries while considerably reducing roaming fees. XXSIM does not only allow you to receive free incoming calls in more than 140 countries while benefiting from an unlimited number of free texts, but XXSIM also allows you to surf the web at much lower rates than those applicable in numerous states. With XXSIM you can call everywhere in the world at rates allowing you to save up to 90% of your fees while enjoying an optimal quality of communication. Efficient and user-friendly, XXSIM even allows you, under certain conditions, to be called for free by the national landline number available in Switzerland (amongst other countries) as well as by the green number in 17 countries, and finally by the “webcall” function available on As you fly back to your own country, forwarding calls from the XXSIM to a national mobile is entirely free from charge and saves you from using a double SIM phone. Today, important companies already trust XXSIM and thus considerably reduce their fees. A solution called Corporate Account is also available for companies, organizations and governments. For more information on the XXSIM:

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