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EX- NYC Celebrity Stylist, Tye Coe Launches An INCREDIBLE NEW RELATIONSHIP BIBLE (December 27th, 2013)

EX- NYC Celebrity Stylist, Tye Coe Launches An INCREDIBLE NEW RELATIONSHIP BIBLE CALLED: “#men? The 10 ComMANdments”, A #Women’s Guide to Getting the Love You Want and NEVER Being Hurt Again!

After having hundreds of clients sit in her chair confiding on love, life and relationships and experiencing a devastating break up of her own, the former stylist and CEO of her own beauty/fashion brand in New York City decided to leave the industry to launch an empowerment movement and release the life changing book titled #men? The 10 ComMANdments #womans Guide to getting the love you want and NEVER being Hurt Again. “My aim behind writing this book is to help women get the love they want and deserve out of their relationships and NEVER be hurt again!”.-Tye Coe Answering the 10 most frequently asked questions on men and relationships, like: How do I know if he’s “THE ONE”? How do I get him to treat me like a queen and do nice things for me?— How do I get him to want more than just sex?— How can I make sure he won’t cheat on me? — And more...This is not just a book, it’s a #movement and a #womans relationship ”Bible” to be carried and referenced whenever feeling weak, confused or torn on what to do with #men. At times funny, at times direct, but always truthful and honest! #men? The 10 ComMANdments, is the guide you must read to navigate the modern “hash tag” world of men, relationships and dating. What was crafted out of misery, now serves as the NEW solution for young, old, single & married women all over the globe. A major departure from where she is today, Tye Coe was a celebrity hair, makeup and fashion stylist in New York City. She was the CEO of successful fashion & beauty
companies and worked for over 15 years with an array of models, designers, photographers, entertainers and socialites, including: FORD Models, Anthony Hamilton, Suzanne Douglas, Annika Marks, Spiegel, B.O.B, Amanda Brown, Bob Costas, etc. After listening to literally thousands of relationship stories from her clients and after experiencing a relationship with a man that landed her in complete emotional, mental and financial ruin, she committed herself to gaining extensive knowledge on the subject of men and relationships. Through countless hours, days and months of specific research on men, the male psychology, numerous female clients and personal interviews with men and women Tye soon began to connect the dots in terms of what true relationships were all about. As a Visionary and now trained strategic intervention coach, the author and empowerment speaker, Tye Coe continues to positively change lives and make lasting impressions on all of her clients. She has transformed into an extraordinary talent that inspires those around her and has crafted #men? The 10 ComMANdments to empower women to get the love they want and deserve as well as keeping them from misery in relationships with men. About : #men? The 10 ComMANdments and NATIONWIDE Book Tour: Tye Coe shares with an urban twist, precise jewels for you to live your life by. At times funny, at times direct, but always truthful and honest! INCLUDING a POWERFUL BONUS CHAPTER- EMBRACING YOUR FEMININE ENERGY “I consider this to be one of the most important elements in this book. Learn the power of your feminine energy and how to access it! When you use these powerful tools you will see immediate transformations in your relationships with men!”-Tye Coe The NATIONWIDE Book Tour Kicks off January 6th, 2014 in Washington, DC, Tye will visit 20 U.S. cities holding empowerment lectures, book signings and one on one coaching with women sharing the vital tools to get the love they want and deserve and empower them within the relationships they have with men. For more information about the book and tour, visit : Contact Tye Coe +1 (404) 665-6324 Email

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