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Motor House is Specialized in Manufacturing Biker Clothing (June 18th, 2012)

Biker jackets by Motorcycle House are the best ones as they provide you with perfect protecti.on, style and comfort

Biking is an extremely risk taking ride and the biker should be careful while being on the bike as it’s a single rod ride. Every biker should wear professional biker clothing while riding bike because safety is the most important thing.

Motorcycle House a recognized brand that has been manufacturing biker clothes specially biker leather jackets since the year 2007. Biker clothing by Motorcycle House are standard biker clothing that provides a perfect comfort and a great level of protection to the biker. As while being on the bike the biker has direct contact with wind so the he or he has to be very careful in selecting biker clothes.


When it’s about biker clothing leather biker jackets are the best, as leather is a material that is very tough. Motorcycle House is a brand manufacturing quality biker leather jackets both for men and women which are just perfect either it’s about comfort, style or protection.


Motorcycle House is working on the production of such biker jackets which can make your journey more comfortable, joyful and tension free. We are using high quality material that works as a weather shield now you need to throw away your worries like, is the weather suitable for biking now, as whatever weather you travel in, you will be safe and protected. The biker leather jackets by Motorcycle House are very much resistant to all types of weathers and are perfect to put on while riding bike.



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